MiMo - Milano Mobile Film Festival 3rd Edition

28 December 2019

Winners click to watch Winners videos

Film and Short

Inertia by Leanne Tong, Raaghav Minocha – USA/Hong Kong
Memorio by Vadim Gordt – Russian Federation (Valentina Lyapina Winner for Best Acting Performance)

60 second

Old habits are hard to break! by Aurélia Raoull – France


Miners Haven by Matthijs van der Velden, Tim van Vliet – Netherlands

Special Section Students

The Independence of Oblivion by Jorge Higuera – Colombia


Keep On by Samuel Abaijon – Finland

VR – Virtual Reality

Warsaw Rising by Tomasz Dobosz – Poland

Best smart selfie

Limbo by Farid Yahaghi – Iran


This side, other side by Lida Fazli – Iran
Lionverse by Hayden Chun, Hei Mok – Hong Kong


The Big Picture by Last Train – France



Film and short watch videos

Space now by Egor Kharlamov – Russian Federation
Mundane! by Nathania Zaini – United States
Second half by Leonid Grigurko – Russian Federation
The Broadcast by Darya Sviridenko – Russian Federation
You are not alone by haidi song – China
The Pond by Dane by Elcar – United States

60 seconds watch videos

Moscow spirit by Alex Litvinenko Russian Federation
Collapse by François Girard – France
I had a house: World by Doğukan Tatar – Turkey
Don’t miss it by Isaure Grandin – Canada
Ronaldo by Abdul Hamid Mandgar – Afghanistan
Cinewalking – Street Art Tour Castellaneta by Pietro Manigrasso – Italy

Documentary watch videos

Placeless by Shahaan Ahmed Shah – Pakistan (Special Mention)
Cats and flame by the sea by Wang YanPeng – China
Dhinka Chika by Nawazish Khan – India
Hear their heartbeat by Volkan Güney Eker – Turkey
31 islands on the island. Sardinia’s case by Gabriele Peru – Italy
Dalla terra all’infinito by Luca Annovi – Italy
Zambian Cab by Emmanuel Mwape – Zambia
The Mojo Revolution News from the palm of your hand by James Mahon – United Kingdom
Army of Immortals by Irfan Noor K – Pakistan
The House of Rosa by Camila Flores Fernández – Peru
The Climate changers by Esther Petsche and Samuel Schlaefli – Switzerland

Videoclip watch videos

La Nostra intersezione by Filippo Di Primio – Italy
My I inside by Pedro Alves – Portugal
Promise me the moon and the stars by Esther Petsche – Switzerland
Quiet by Victor Caesar- Brazil

Special section students watch videos

School of fireflies by Apu Apurbo – Bangladesh
Act Now! – Wake up! by Matteo Tibiletti – Italy

VR – Virtual Reality watch videos

Nothingness by Jiajin Cheng – China
A Cochlear implant by Eric Giessmann – Germany

Animation watch videos

Sticks & Stones by Mark E Lim, Anna Conde, Andrea Walker – United States
Inversion by Amirhossein Riahi – Islamic Republic of Iran
Teddy Bear by Mia Moore – United Kingdom
Star Seekers by Anna Molamphy – United States
Moist by Vivian Li – Taiwan
Antarctic by Paola de Sousa – France
Space Yoghurt – The Moustache by Maria Avramova – Bulgaria
Inside the pipelines by Adva Santo – Israel
Contigo (with you) by Marcella Gonçalves, Jessica Tung – United States
Lavastoviglie by Virginia Capoluongo – Italy (Special Mention)
Heroes to Zeros by Giorgia Grassini – United Kingdom
Mia and the Lost Rock by Ursula Echeverria – Guatemala
Human! Stop 1 Minute by Eren Bektaş – Turkey
Anthony’s Inferno by Katarzyna Małyszko – Poland
Home by Kiomars M. Chenari, Sheerin Anjidani – Islamic Republic of Iran
Dix Pix by Steven Fraser – United Kingdom
Legend Of Ancient Borneo by Geoffrey Sinn Chun Hou – Malaysia
Bittersweet love! by Petros Papadopoulos – Greece
East-West by Irshaid Tayyeb – Jordan
Melted by Shuting Zhong – United States
Reverie by Ilgın Hancıoğlu – Turkey
No comment by Vera Doneva – Bulgaria
Hidden World 3 – Curiosity by Daniel Magyar – Hungary
Fragile by Ramon Faria – Brazil, United States
Taku & Mama by Clarisse Chua – United States
The Mother of all flowers by Merve Caydere Dobai – United States
The Credits Movie by Jeffrey Ashkin – United States
Nobody Speak by – Rotem Shapira – Israel
Care by Dom Signorile – Italy
Vintage barber by Alistair Kerr – United Kingdom
Mariya by Masih Masihzadeh – Islamic Republic of Iran
Bruised by Rok won Hwang, Samantha Tu – United States
Ghostmantic by Santiago Yrigoyen Vazquez – Mexico
Coffee ground by Elif Dokur- Turkey
Narcissus by Jialiang Liu – Japan
Pit Stop by Raship Trikha – India
Going on stage by Liu Dai-Yen – Taiwan
Souleyman by Aloïs Agboglo – Benin
Fluid by Gökçe Onur – Turkey (Special Mention)
Spin the globe by The Department of Cultural Design, Kindai University, i WANT YOU + X (Art collective) – Japan
Light & Life by Upeksha Mahawaththa – Sri Lanka
Otilia: la storia di un sogno infranto by Ion Cebotari – Canada
Confetti by Àngel Estois, Mercè Sendino, Lucía Hernández – Spain
Followers by Robert Kuźniewski, Dina Ibrahimova – Poland
Be mine, seed (Sé mía, semilla) by Michael Baruch Pacheco – Honduras
Lugar Comum – The genesis of a digital world by José R. L. Neto, George Lucas Faria – Brazil
Tie by Meng-Ju Wu, Chia-Ying Pai – Taiwan
The Loop by Anna Bolińska – Poland (Special Mention)
Ossigeno by Beatrice Sancinelli – Canada
Candy by Yin Xun – China
Time machine by Eric Giessmann, Piers Goffart – Germany

Soundtrack watch videos

Make everything by Matthew Hsu – Australia
Without you by Lacy Kay – United States
Mary’s Lamb by Clay Hodges – United States
Dune by Marcus Cummins – United States
Ritual by Alyosha Barreiro and Jairo Guerrero – Mexico
Play this game by Giulio Beltramo – South Africa
Gloom // Bloom by Etienne Perrone – France
Like and Follow Main Score by David Arcus – Canada
Audiotales – It still knows my name by Bruno Bizarro – Portugal
Zarathustra by Reza Fasahat – Islamic Republic of Iran
The Cornerstore by R.E.D Chief – United States
Habitat by Jakub Kostewicz – Poland
Human savagery by Jeremy Bible – United States
Vandermataram Jana Gana Mana Rap Song by Nani Pramod – United States
Satyagraha by Mauro Crivelli – Italy
Filmmaking kills by Martin Basile – Italy
The wireless music by Mohammad Jafari – Islamic Republic of Iran
Athena by Hannah Hsieh – United States
Agatha Christie on stage by GimEnez Bros. – Spain

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