5th Edition 2022

15 October 2022



Dead eye by Cassius Rayner – United Kingdom

Heart / sister story by Anaïs Peleyrol – France

Unknows by Luis Fernandez – United States

The Unseen by Tom Major – United Kingdom

Ego – Winnie Dias – Portugal



Time by Elizabeth Marlo – Mexico

The bird by Peter Steele – United Kingdom

Stay in Valley by Stefano De Felici – Italy



Sisyphean by Majid Sarhaddi – Iran

Expiration date by Anthony Radkowski – Ukraine

Ban on return by Xiaolong Zhu – China

No Bus by Kerreen Ely-Harper -Australia

Scollay Square Station by Niles Larson – United States

Red Box by Stefania Soellner – Italy

Daydreams by Hamzah Saif – United States

The Virtual Circle by ReVerse Butcher – Australia

In montagna veritas by Luca Annovi – Italy

The Hunt for Plastic by N’Sea Yet by Francesca Ferrara – Italy

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